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No more Menopause: Time to put the biological clock on hold

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As we make major strides on healthcare we expect to live longer...lets say until we are 100 plus years give or take. Well, what this means for womens is that due to their biological clock they will experience two different quality of lives in their lifetime due to the inevitable menopause.

Well it seems that menopause can actually be put on hold. This according to a paper published in the journal Molecular Human Reproduction. Doctors have for the past decade been working on a technique that removes pieces of ovary from a younger you, freeze them for decades, once you reach menopause they replant them in you each decade of your life thereafter via a delicate surgery effectively putting a woman's menopause on hold.


Improved Quality of Life:

What this means is that by delaying menopause the patients that use this technique will also avoid the increased risk of osteoporosis and heart disease that come with the end of their fertile life that may raise the risk of breast and womb cancer. Essentially they remain in a pre menopause state - a forever young state.

This technique is being used to harvest and freeze piece of the ovaries young cancer patients before they undergo chemotherapy, thaw them and replant them after the chemo and cancer has cleared. The doctors have had more than 20 babies born to women who have undergone this technique.


Can women past 45years have babies via this method.

As more career women are taking their time to find a partner, settle down and become financially secure before starting a family, with this process they will not have to “watch their body clocks”, however when it comes to having babies they would only be physically limited by their ability to carry a baby and give birth at their age.


A slice a decade, keeps menopause away!

Originally it was thought the transplants would only last months, or a few years at most, giving the women just a brief chance of conceiving, but in his paper Dr. Silber highlights that:

Ovarian slices could now be frozen for decades, thawed out for replantation when needed, and be just as effective as 'fresh' grafts between twins. In the meantime the frozen tissue would not have aged - effectively putting the woman's body clock on ice.”


What does the future hold?

Theoretically this means that this technique could be used as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy, particularly in women who go through the menopause prematurely, but that could be atleast 2 decades away, but at the rate technology is advancing – don't be surprised to be getting some breaking news from us!


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